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    Steps to Take Two Months Before Your Move

    Last updated 4 days ago

    Even if you hire a moving company to take care of the heavy lifting for you, moving to a new house is something that takes months to prepare for. The better prepared you are, the faster the move will be and the better you and your family will handle the stress of moving into a new home. To help make moving day as easy as possible, here are a few important steps to take at least a couple of months before the movers arrive.

    Get Rid of Your Junk
    After you arrange for your move, go through your belongings and identify items you no longer use. Donate these items to local charities or put them out at a yard sale. Either way, the more unused items you can get rid of before your move, the fewer items you will need to move into your new home and find a place for. And if the moving company charges an hourly rate, having fewer items to move can cut-down on the length of the move and save you money.

    Notify Correspondents of the Move
    Let family and friends know about the move through text messages, e-mails, or handwritten letters. Be sure to include your new address and when you will be moving. A few weeks before your move, make arrangements with the post office to forward your mail to your new address.

    Pack Away Infrequently Used Items
    Two months before your move, collect boxes and start packing away little-used items. By packing away these items, you will make it easier to move everything else out on the day of the move. Remember to label each box so you can easily find items that you may need before you settle into your new home.

    Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, Zorn Moving & Storage can help you get there. We offer an unsurpassed personal moving service for individuals in Sacramento, San Jose, and the Bay Area. To learn more about our residential moving services, call us at (408) 414-7314. 

    Purchasing Renters Insurance

    Last updated 11 days ago

    Homeowners aren’t the only ones who need to protect their belongings from damage or theft. Renters can also get insurance to protect their things. When shopping for renters insurance, estimate the value of your belongings to find the appropriate coverage. Make an itemized list of everything you own, noting the value and purchase date. This information will make it easier to file a claim should you lose anything to theft or damage. For more tips on purchasing renters insurance, watch this short video clip.

    If you’re moving to a new house or apartment, make sure to get renters insurance to protect your things, and hire Zorn Moving & Storage to safely transport your belongings to your new place. To learn more about our residential moving services in the Bay Area, call us at (408) 414-7314. 

    Tips for Moving Your Household Plants

    Last updated 17 days ago

    Your plants might not get as upset as your cat or dog about relocating, but they’re sensitive beings that can be easily harmed during a move. If you’re moving a long distance and will be on the road for a long time, put your plants in your own vehicle where they will be more comfortable. If you will be stopping overnight on the way to your new home, bring the plants into the hotel room with you overnight. And while you don’t need to worry about watering your plants during the move, make sure they are moist before being packed away.

    For more tips on moving your household plants, contact Zorn Moving & Storage. Our residential movers will take care of your most sensitive belongings, including plants, heirlooms, and collectibles. Call us at (408) 414-7314 to request a quote from our experienced moving company. 

    Helping Children Feel at Home in a New State

    Last updated 19 days ago

    In most areas of their lives, children are creatures of habit. When some aspect of their daily lives change, it can be difficult for them to adjust, which is where you come in. Use the following tips to help your kids see the fun in moving to a new state:

    Explore Your New City
    You and your children can get to know your new city much sooner if you spend some time exploring it. Try out some local restaurants and declare one of them your new favorite place to eat together. Check out local parks where you and the kids can go on the weekends. Do some other fun activities that make it really hard not to like living in this new location.

    Decorate Your Home
    It is hard for anyone to feel at home in a big empty house. As soon as the moving company brings your belongings, spend some time decorating the space as a family. Give your kids a lot of say when it comes to finding the perfect design for their own rooms to involve them in the process. As soon as your home looks more familiar, it will be easier for them to get used to living in the new state.

    Tour their School
    Whether you are moving in the summer or in the middle of the year, you should take the children to their future school before they actually have to go so they can see what to expect. If possible, take a tour of the campus so they can see where they will be learning.

    When you choose Zorn Moving & Storage for your relocation needs, you can always expect the highest caliber of service. Our name may be at the end of the alphabet, but we are one of the Bay Area’s top moving companies. With professional movers who are properly, we can help you move down the street or across the country. Call (408) 414-7314 to learn more. 

    Reasons to Hire a Professional Mover when Moving a Piano

    Last updated 19 days ago

    A piano is a beautiful addition for a home décor and it gives you the opportunity to fill the space with music. If you are planning to relocate, though, it can become a nuisance. Moving a piano is hard work and there is no reason to put that much responsibility on your own shoulders when you can hire piano movers to do it for you:

    They Have the Tools
    Moving a piano is a delicate process that requires certain kinds of tools. As you pack up your belongings in anticipation of moving day, you will probably realize that you have a lot of stuff, but it is very likely that tools to move a piano are not currently in your possession. Let the professionals handle transporting the piano with the tools that already have.

    They Have the Knowledge
    Some pianos weigh about 1500 pounds. Even if you gather together a group of seven strong men, this is still a lot of weight to move. A moving company specifically trains its employees about the best and the safest way to move a piano. This means that they can get your instrument from your old home to your new home without damaging it or themselves.

    They Have the Experience
    Many aspects of moving a piano are learned on the job. Instead of risking mistakes on your first time, let the movers handle the heavy lifting. With their experience in the industry, they have probably seen and done more than you can even imagine when it comes to relocating huge pieces like this. This experience allows them to do the job right the first time.

    Zorn Moving & Storage is here to handle all of your Bay Area moving needs. Whether you need to relocate a piano or just find some temporary storage, we can help. Visit us online or call (408) 414-7314 today to learn more about our services. 

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